The Public Health Engineering Department Balochistan was carved out of Irrigation and Power Department in July, 1987 with the objective to facilitate the rural and urban population of the Balochistan with the potable drinking Water.

The Department is responsible for the following matters:

  1. Potable water management; and monitoring & implementation of the Water Supply Schemes of the department.
  2. Facilitating access of safe drinking water to the general public.
  3. Establishment of sources for drinking water purpose i.e. installation of Tube Wells, construction of galleries/sump wells to surface flow and water treatment system for canal I surface water.
  4. To make available piped water for drinking and household purpose with construction of sound sewerage system.
  5. Setting regulations for technical issues related to the sector.
  6. Planning, design and construction of water filtration plants including operation and maintenance of already completed plants.
  7. Construction and maintenance of Public Health Drinking Water Scheme.
  8. Water Tariff Collection in consultation with Finance Department.
  9. Issuance of Notification for water Rates.
  10. Levying regular taxes which should be increased gradually to generate revenue.
  11. To monitor the implementation of all vertical programmes, Federally Funded Projects, Foreign Aided Projects through its Provincial setup i.e. CE/SE and field implementations.
  12. To introduce and monitor the implementation of water quality standards and quantity control, for its economical and efficient use.
  13. To continue the present practice of disbursement of O&M funds to the lower tiers to ensure smooth operation of Water Supply Schemes.
  14. Adoption of renewable energy to control operation and maintenance.
  15. To monitor the functioning of the existing Electrical and Mechanical Division for drilling and development of Tube Wells.
  16. Protection of water sources from contamination by continuous water treatment, stream pollution control etc.
  17. Public awareness with regard to water conservation by means of campaigns.
  18. To interact with the sister departments to create provision of drinking water regarding construction/design of water reservoirs in order to meet with future requirements of drinking water.
  19. All Service matters of the employees of the Attached Departments, which does not include employees of the Secretariat and except those matters entrusted to Services and General Administration Department or to any other Department.